Are You Missing the Most Overlooked Work from Home Essential?

Are You Missing the Most Overlooked Work from Home Essential?

Let's Talk About that New Norm we've all Embraced - Working from Home.

It's pretty awesome to have that flexibility, but sometimes, we find ourselves facing challenges like boredom, lack of motivation, and a drop in productivity. 

But no worries, we've got an inspiring solution that can help boost your work-from-home game - art!

 Marc Petrovic, Molecular Waltz, Cotton oil painting portrait canvas, 47 x 71"


Art as a Productivity Booster

How on earth would art...essentially home decor increase productivity? 

Believe it or not, art has a wondrous way of transforming your home workspace into a productivity powerhouse. You know that feeling when you step into an art gallery and instantly feel inspired? Well, you can recreate that right at home! We've got some fascinating insights from a study and JD Malat Gallery that'll convince you to unleash the power of art.

First things first, ever heard of a study published in the Journal of Workplace Learning? It's got some eye-opening findings. Turns out, art doesn't just belong in museums; it's a game-changer for your home office too. Incorporating art, whether that be classic Picasso oil paintings, modern abstract art, nature, or minimalist art, into your workspace can create a positive environment that fuels your productivity, creativity, personal connection, and personal growth.


Lennard MazThe Sitting Man, Linen acrylic painting portrait canvas, 47,71"


Art as a Mood Lifter

Art is a powerful mood booster. Who knew that a beautiful painting or a captivating sculpture could inspire you to be more positive and motivated? According to research by The Guardian, Dr. Craig Knight, a renowned researcher in the psychology of work environments at the University of Exeter, has revealed that incorporating art into your workplace can have positive effects on your mood, physical well-being, and overall work performance. Surrounding yourself with art opens up new perspectives and encourages fresh thinking and productivity.


Colourful abstract Blue, red, white, gold, red, pink, black splash kinetic energy oil painting
 Sandy Boone, In Motion, Cotton acrylic painting portrait canvas, 55 x 83"

The Mental Health Benefits of Art: Stress Relief

We all know that work can be stressful sometimes, but guess what? Art to the rescue! It's a fantastic stress reliever. In fact, Forbes interviewed hundreds of employees from various companies, and a staggering 78% agreed that art reduced their stress levels. Talk about a mood-lifting masterpiece! Abstract and colourful themed artworks, can whisk you away to a fresh palate, helping you recharge and rejuvenate.

Let's face it - a productive home workspace isn't just about fancy gadgets and ergonomic chairs. It's about creating an environment that sparks joy, inspires creativity, and fosters connections. And guess what? Art is the missing puzzle piece!


    Patryk Gray, Calypso, Linen acrylic painting portrait canvas, 40 x 59"


So there you have it - art, the ultimate productivity hack for your work-from-home sanctuary. It's not just about pretty pictures on the wall; it's about transforming your space into a source of inspiration and well-being. Give it a try and let the artistic magic unfold in your daily work routine.

Stay inspired!

- The Urban Narrative


    Billy Azio, Pulse, Linen acrylic painting landscape canvas, 80 x 40"


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